Curriculum Development Cell

The Curriculum Development Cell functions from 2012 with the Government of Tamil Nadu sanctioning Rs. 1 Crore to promote the Centre. A meeting of the Heads of the Department, Chairpersons and members of the Board of Studies, has resolved to redesign, reformulate, and restructure the existing curriculum of the University to international standards. Renowned, distinguished Professors and leading experts of International reputation are invited from other Countries, to float their ideas in anchoring a syllabus that would attract students from other advanced countries.

It is also resolved that the broad activities of the CDC would be as follows: * To interact with the subject experts in India and abroad and involve them in designing and developing curriculum for enhancing the quality of teaching and learning and exchanging of expertise for the mutual benefit through knowledge networking. * To offer orientation training to members of Boards of Studies and Departmental Council of the University Departments for enhancing their academic potential.

To conduct workshops on teaching and research methodologies, curriculum designing and development, value addition, evaluation and employability issues.

To prepare teaching modules and text books based on the curricula and syllabi designed and developed by the CDC. * To organize academic - industry meet for identification of knowledge and skill required for employability in private and public sectors.

To train the teachers in professional skills and enable them to teach the curricula and syllabi designed and developed for student’s empowerment and employability. * To take feedback from alumni students and parents for strengthening the academic courses and programmes.

The Departments of Commerce, English, Mathematics, Chemistry, Management Studies, Home Science, Computer Science, Education, Women’s Studies, Physics, Economics, Sociology, Bio-Technology, Historical Studies and Tourism Management, Tamil Studies, Constituent Colleges and Affiliated Colleges have conducted 52 quality enhancement programmes. It has also developed and enriched their curriculum with the international and national experts such as the experts from Japan, Sharjah and Malaysia, Bangladesh and at the National level from Gwalior, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, IIT Kanpur, University of Kerala, Madurai Kamaraj University, Alagappa University, University of Madras and Central Universities - Gandhigram Rural University and Pondicherry University

It has also arranged Institution-Industry meets with companies namely, Nokia India Private Limited, City Bank, Mazenet Tally Academy, State Bank of India, Ministry of Labour, Smart Play Technology, Bangalore, Regional Coffee Research Station, Thandikudi.