Mother Teresa Women’s University is a State University of Tamilnadu, which was established in the year 1984 by the enactment of Tamilnadu Act 15. It bears the name Laureate and the global servant and the humanitarian Mother Teresa . Mother Teresa Women’s University aims to extend its service to women students of all communities. The Department and Centre for Women’s Studies works to empower women through various capacity building measures including Feminist theory building, inculcating gender sensitivity on Women’s Studies perspectives, Gender Literacy, Gender Education and Enhancement, Communication and Leadership skill etc., to bring Social, Economic, Political and Cultural  Empowerment and  Gender Equality. ‘Women’s Studies’ as a discipline of academia, helps to transform other disciplines by integrating feminist perspectives. The various activities of the scholars and activists in the Department and Centre for Women’s Studies  paves way to bring out more visible research and policy debates which would be raised by women from dalit, tribal, labouring, sexual and other minority communities including religion. The Centre for Women’s Studies plays a vital role to bring out change in the society understanding more about women and highlighting participation of women in the formulation of policy in establishing a just and secular society in India.             



  • Empowering women through   Education and Training programmes, tapping  their potential, and  elevate their   life style  and  social status.


  • Strives to create a more equal world by empowering women to  understand, recognize and exhibit their multi-dimensional   roles.
  • Motivate Women to take strenuous efforts to reach out the society  to bridge the inequalities that confront women today.



  • To incorporate knowledge , relevance importance of  Women’s Studies in all the disciplines of the University and affiliated Colleges
  • To reach out to rural tribal women in order to enhance their status through skill training and to bring out their potentialities through productive employment services to the Tribal and marginalized Women of particular areas.
  • To empower women leading to Self–employment opportunities, train in Entrepreneurial Skills, promoting Socio-economical independence.
  • To promote Women in Development (WID) and Women and Development (WAD) realizing their career goals, leadership qualities and to choose proper effective life options.
  • To promote research in Women’s Studies and contribute to family, society and nation
  • To  provide access to  vital services to the  Tribal and marginalized Women of particular areas .





  • Ph.D. Women’s Studies
  • M. Phil. Women’s Studies
  • M.A. Women’s Studies
  • Diploma in Women’s Studies
  • Certificate Course in Law and Gender
  • Foundation Course in Gender Studies
  • Skill Based Programme on EDP for all Final PG student of Arts & Sciences as  Non Subject Elective.

Teaching Strategies

  • Lecture
  • Discussions
  • Interactive Sessions
  • Seminars
  • Debates
  • Tutorials
  • PPT Presentations
  • Field study
  • Demonstrations
  • Role plays
  • Survey Mapping

Major Thrust Areas

  • Teaching
  • Training
  • Research
  • Field Action
  •  Documentation
  •  Publication
  •  Advocacy
  •  Seminars / Workshops/Symposia
  •  Networking
  •  Clustering and  Mentoring

Extension Activities

  • Gender Sensitization Programmes
  • Awareness Programmes
  • Skill Development Programmes
  • Formation of women Self Help  Group      
  • Family Counseling
  • Environment Conservation
  • Health and Hygiene
  • Women’s Rights and Legal Rights
  • Government Programmes for Women
  • Voters Awareness Campaign
  • Teachers Day Celebration
  • Pongal Celebration
  • Republic day Celebration
  • Women’s Day Celebration

Training Programmes

  • Entrepreneurship Development Programme
  • Skill Training Programme
  • Vocational Training programmes for Rural women
  • Training on Business Plan and Banking practices
  • Faculty Development Programme
  • Vocational Training Programme on “Beautician Course”
  • Vocational training on “Mushroom Cultivation”
  • Residential Vocational Training Programme On” Mushroom Cultivation, Vermi Composting, Vegetable And Fruit Processing And Bee Keeping
  • Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp For Women
  • 25 days  EDI Training Programme  on Manufacturing of sanitary napkins 
  • Leadership Training For Women Officials among women leaders
  • Gender Sensitisation Programme for Tribal women 

Awareness programme

  • Health Awareness Programme For Adolescent Girls
  • Awareness Programme on Cervical Cancer among Women Workers
  • Awareness Programme on Vaccination for Adolescent girls
  • Awareness Programme on heath, Nutrition and Immunity level of Women 

Field Research

  • Field Research on Vaccination for Girls by puberty
  • Field Research on Immunity level of Women at different levels
  • Field  Research on Cervical Cancer and other preventive measures for women health hazards
  • Desertion of Women in Tribal Community of Kodaikanal
  • Dimensions in Socio Economic analysis of Gender Disability
  • Rally for  Violence Against Women through the programme “One Billion Rising”

Conferences / Workshops / Seminars

  • Two day National Seminar on “Empowerment of Women through Political Rights” from 5th to 6th July 2012. 
  • International Conference on “Social Exclusion and Inclusion of Women” during 20th August and 21st August 2013 in Collabration with Alagappa University, Karikudi. 
  • National Workshop on “Designing World Class Curriculum For Gender Studies” on 23rd August 2013. 
  • A two day National Conference on “Child Abuse : Causes, Consequences and Preventive Measures”  from March 28 to 29, 2014 in collaboration with C.S.I. College of Education, Madurai.  
  • One day National Seminar on “Women  Empowerment” on 13th April 2014  in Collaboration with CED, Madurai  and Gnanamani College of Engineering, Namakkal.  
  • National Seminar on “Legal Rights And Prevention Of Violence Against Women And Children”- 12th March 2015 in Collabration with St.Joseph’s High School,Perumalmalai. 
  • National Seminar on  ‘Health Problems Of Women Workers And Guidance For Preventive Measures’ on 22nd March 2015 in Collabration with Maagrita Exports Limited, Sipcot Industrial Complex, Pallapatty.  
  • A two day National Conference on ’Child Abuse: Gender disparity in protection of girl Children” On 15th and 16th September 2015 in collaboration with Dhan Foundation, Madurai. 
  • National workshop on “Disease Prevention and Health Promotion of Women and Adolescent girls”.  
  • National workshop on “Managerial Skills and Leadership  Styles of women Entrepreneurs in the present Scenario”.


  • “Database on Women in India with special reference to Tamilnadu” Dr.K.Manimekalai , Dr.N. Kala and Dr.S.P.Denisia;  SHANLAX PUBLICATION, Madurai , 2014, ISBN: 978-938065756-1
  • “Sanitation Status and Awareness among Tribal women in Pudupatty Village, Dindigul District” Dr.K.Manimekalai and Dr.S.P.Denisia, SHANLAX PUBLICATION, Madurai, 2014; ISBN: 978-938065754-4
  • Newsletter for the year 2013-  Vol.1, No.1, June 2013
  • Newsletter for the year 2014-  Vol.1, No.2, Annual 2014

Contact Information 

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Department & Centre for Women's Studies
Plot No: B3, SIPCOT- Nilakottai Industrial complex,
Madurai to Dindigul -NH -7, Nilakottai Taluk, Pallapatty, Dindigul District
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