Environment and Conservation Cell and Greening the Campus

Dr.C.Thamarai Selvi, Assistant Professor, Department of Biotechnology

The Environment and Conservation Cell (ECC) of Mother Teresa Women’s University serves to create awareness on the protection and enhancement of the environment.
The ECC is also responsible for building up consciousness to climatic changes and sustainable development.

Current scientific data shows that the average global temperature is dangerously rising, while the wildlife species and forests are disappearing faster than ever before in Earth’s history.
Increased emission of green house gases is the root cause for the drastic climatic change. Although the planet’s climate is known to go through cycles and to change dramatically in the past as well, the climate change we are already witnessing is primarily a result of human activities. If we do not start taking better care of the environment, we are risking an unprecedented climate change which may threaten the very existence of life on the globe.

The world’s population is rapidly growing which results in increased pressure on the environment leading to extreme exploitation of natural resources including water, food and energy.
Increased production synthetic materials as substitutes for natural ones release extremely toxic substances to the environment which result in health hazards and may take centuries to decompose making our planet unsafe to living forms for generations to come. Thus conversation and preservation of our environment is the urgent need of the hour.

Saving the environment may seem like daunting task from a point of view of an individual, however, we are not as helpless as it may seem at a first glance.
In fact, we have the power to change the world if they really want to. ECC plans to generate guidance on how to reduce the harmful human impact on the environment. The focus areas of ECC include creating awareness on the following environmental issues:

Self Sustainable renewable Energy
Water management system
Conservation of Forests
Waste Management and Recycling
Conversion of Bio-wastes
Organic Farming
ECC will focus on motivating the students to providing concrete solutions for the main environmental issues with an aim to show that every individual can help make our planet a friendlier place. Let’s move towards a clean and green environment.