Established in 2006, the Department of Chemistry, Mother Teresa Women’s University, Kodaikanal is motivated to provide a complete learning opportunity and quality education encompassing developments in frontier research areas in chemistry. Apart from imparting a thorough knowledge in the fundamental aspects of chemistry, we aim to strongly motivate our students for research and provide them adequate training in synthesis, characterization application studies and instrumentation and equip students with skills to meet the requirements for employment in a global level.
The Department is specialized in research areas such as Coordination Chemistry, X-ray- crystallography, Medicinal hemistry and Bioinorganic Chemistry.


“Chemistry and Chemists for Society”


  • M. Sc. Chemistry
  • M. Phil. Chemistry



Dr.  Jose Kavitha  S.
Assistant Professor
, Co ordinator-Greening the Campus, Academic Audit, Member-Admission Committee, Academic Industry Linkage

Educational Qualification
M.Sc , B.Ed, Ph.D. Box: View Profile



Dr. Madhukar Hemamalini
Assistant Professor
, Member-International Relations, Greening the Campus

Educational Qualification
M.Sc , Ph.D.


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  • A well equipped laboratory with sophisticated instruments
  • A common instrumentation facility sponsored by DST- CURIE with major instruments like
  • Powder X-ray Diffractometer (Rs.64,29,621)
  • FTIR  Spectrophotometer  ( Rs. 12,10,592)
  • UV- Visible Spectrophotometer (Rs.7,76,540) has been installed and fully functional
  • Equipments purchased for Chemistry Department under UGC additional assistance
  • Rotavapor                              Rs. 3,65,190
  • Ultasonicator                        Rs. 3,93,735
  • Advanced Digital Melting Point apparatus       Rs. 3,00,000 (DST-CURIE)

Awards/ Distinctions received by the students

  • Ms. Mary Sheeba and Ms. S. Sangeetha have been awarded the DST Inspire Fellowship for Rank holders (Rs. 19,000/- p.m) to pursue Ph. D
  • Ms. P. Rajalakshmi (II M. Sc Chemistry) was awarded the IASc, INSA, NASI summer research fellowship at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore to do summer project work.