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Welcome to Mother Teresa Women's University Kodaikanal

Courses Offered at the Centers

S.No Campus Name Available Courses
1 Kodaikanal M.Sc Computer Science//M.A English /M.A Tamil Studies / M.A Historical Studies / MBA(Tourism)/M.Com / M.A Sociology / M.Sc Mathematics / Management Studies(MBA) / M.Sc Physics / M.Sc Biotechnology / M.Sc Botany / M.Sc Chemistry / M.Sc. Mathematics / M.Sc. Physics (Specialization in Astrophysics / Material Science) /MCA(2 years) / M.L.I.Sc / M.A Public Administration / Master of Social Work (MSW)/M.Sc Guidance & Counseling/M.Com-5 years Integrated Course/M.Sc - Computer Science - 5 years Integrated Course(Specialization in Data Science)/M.Sc - Biotechnology - 5 years Integrated Course/M.A Sociology- 5 years Integrated Course/B.Ed(offered by Women's University College of Education, Kodaikanal)/M.Ed/B.Ed Special Education(ID)/M.Ed Special Education
2 Madurai Campus M.Sc Computer Science / M.A English /M.A Tamil Studies / M.Com /M.A Women’s Studies / MCA(2 years)/ M.Sc Mathematics/M.Sc Foods & Nutrition/M.Sc Guidance nad Counseling/M.Sc Computer Science-5 years Integrated Course(Specialization in Data Science)/M.Com-5 years Integrated Course
3 Chennai Campus M.A English / MBA / M.A Mass Communication & Journallism/M.Com/ M.Sc Mathematics / / M.Sc. Foods and Nutrition / M.Sc Visual Communication/M.Sc Guidance and Counseling/ M.Com-5 years Integrated Course
4 Coimbatore Campus M.A English / M.Com / M.Sc Mathematics / M.Sc. Textiles & Clothing / M.Sc. Foods and Nutrition/ M.Com-5 years Integrated Course